Client's Goals: To create a digital place where people can see various parts of the world via live stream simultaneously 
My Role: I conceptualized the project by sketching out the idea, creating wireframes, and then designing and developing the user interface and website using HTML, CSS, and vanilla Javascript
Challenges: Some of the problems I came across when working on the website were making the site's usability mobile friendly and consistently maintaining the live streams and adjusting the interactiveness of the live stream boxes
Design Solution: I created a site that allows users to view various live streams of different cities and news streams around the world. I designed a very straightforward and Swiss like interface by using sans-serif headers for the towns and news streams and a smaller weight for the buttons. For easy usability for the user, I placed pins all on the left side of the screen which can toggle the respective cities and news streams on and off. Unfortunately, this site in its experimental state couldn't work in the CSS Grid which would allow it to become more mobile friendly however in future revisions I will work on creating a more mobile-friendly and interactive experience. 
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