Client's Goals: "Aint Nothin Changed on the Avenue" is a collaborative design and sociologist project that explored the African American history on Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. The goal was to bring to light history and information on the community in such a way that was well designed and crafted to keep the reader engaged. 
My Role:  I worked on the project from its conception to the final production phase. I worked alongside my sociologist colleague to research the data and history for the first phase of the project, and towards the latter part, I consulted with a design colleague to ensure that the book would convey the appropriate message. 
Challenges: During the research phase of the book the team needed to ensure that they weren't holes or inaccurate stories or account, therefore that issue led us to check our sources, publications, and image archives double. A design problem that was presented to the team was establishing a modern and thoughtful visual language while allowing the design to convey the information about the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor still. 
Design Solution: The result of the book after the production run was great! The team and I decided to design the book with a deep saturated black background for all of the pages, coupled with headlines in Universe and copy in Big Caslon. Collectively we arranged the content of the book to take the reader from the beginning of Pennsylvania Avenue in the 1800's to the 21st Century Pennsylvania Avenue. 
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